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When cold weather is knocking at the door you might be starting to wonder if there are any cheap and efficient ways to bring some extra heat and warmth into your home, office, barn or shop. Even with central heating systems some rooms and living spaces may not get as warm as you would like.

This is especially true when you have that thermostat frozen on a cost saving setting of 68 degrees, or lower. Locating some of the market’s best space heaters is the first step to take if you want an inexpensive and energy efficient way to provide a warmer, healthier environment at home or work.

Most people are aware of the need for lower indoor temperature settings during fall and winter. A setting of 68 degrees can save hundreds of dollars in just a single season, but there is still a need for comfort too.

There are also many rooms and interior spaces that may be separate from any centralized heating systems such as a garage or outdoor workshop. In these types of settings it does not take long before the interior temperature begins to drop into low numbers that are both uncomfortable and unhealthy.

Some people may have a shop or warehouse where they spend long hours at a time. It does not always make sense to try to heat the entire workspace with some type of centralized heat source. The cost of using such heating for these types of large, open areas would cancel out any chance to make some business profits, especially with energy prices on the rise. However if you browse through listings that feature some of the best space heaters now available you can get the heat you want without “busting your budget”.

Even in those office buildings that feature central heating units there can still be problems related to anyone’s personal level of comfort. 66-68 degrees might be easily tolerated by some, but it can be uncomfortably bothersome for many others.

The main thermostat that controls the heat might be externally controlled which means that it cannot be changed immediately. Even if you make a formal request for additional heat an office may or may not change their policies just to make one or two employees more comfortable. In many instances the thermostat setting may be so low that it workers become chilled while they sit at a desk and try to work.

Save Money and Energy by Using Space Heaters

When you use space heaters you are selecting a very convenient and energy-efficient solution to those “too cold” home and work environments. Instead of adjusting your room temperature higher and watching your utility costs soar opt to use these energy efficient appliances instead.

You will find that there are many models that can deliver just the right amount of toasty heat when and where it is needed. This saves you both money and energy, and lets you keep your utility bills under control. With these appliances there is no waiting involved, you begin to get that instant warmth as soon as you flick the switch.

You should know that even the best space heaters are still relativiely inexpensive to purchase and use. These units are sturdy, well constructed, dependable, and they are able to deliver all the extra heating comfort required. Today there is a great selection of space heating units to consider and many can be used both at home and work.

You can depend upon the best space heaters when you want to bring comfort and enjoyment back into your environment. Electric space heating units are the most efficient option if you need a quick, low cost heat source.

These appliances waste no power because they convert each drop of available electric energy into radiant warmth. This warm heat will keep you feeling toasty and snug when a chill is in the air. You can choose one of the market’s best space heaters and be assured of worry free operations whether you use it for 15 minutes or throughout an entire 24 hour day.

Colors and Designs

You will find that the exterior housing of space heaters are available in a variety of colors. Black is a popular color, but it is easy to find a steely silver, shocking pink or brilliant blue portable heater.

As far as the outward appearance of space heating units you will find some that are designed to fit along baseboards or on shelves. If you want to select a distinctively styled unit you have a wide selection of choices available when you browse listings that display the industry’s best space heaters. Heater styles and shapes include those with:

  • Cube shaped designs
  • Futuristic, geometric shapes
  • Columnar designs
  • Rectangular shapes

Radiant, Convective and Commercial Style Heating Units

Portable heating units with convective heat abilities have built in fans that help move and direct the warm air upward and outward. These are good choices if you want to heat larger rooms and work areas.

Radiant heaters are designed to warm smaller and more limited areas of an environment and are perfect choices to keep you warm while you are working at a desk. These “personal” style models generate heat that is directed only in a forward direction. You can be no further away than a few feet to feel the warming effects produced by these heaters.

If you need space heaters that can warm the interior of a large shop, garage or warehouse then you should look for the larger units that are available. These will generally have wheels, handles or some type of steering device included to make it easier to transport them to the areas where they are needed.

8 Space Heater Tips that You Should Know

  1. Look for a heating unit with a weight and design makes it easy to move it about.
  2. The best space heaters are those that feature noise-less (or whisper soft) fan operations.
  3. Only choose a space heater with at least 2 temperature settings.
  4. Multiple settings and controls on a heater will deliver most comfort and convenience.
  5. Choose a heating model with an automatic thermostat to help maintain consistent levels of warmth.
  6. Select a heater with a cool touch surface to prevent accidental burns to fingers and skin.
  7. The best space heaters include internal sensors will immediately shut off power in the event that overheating is detected involving either the environment or the heater.. These sensors will also shut the unit down in the event that the heater is tilted to the side, or tipped over by accident.
  8. Some units have a feature that allows you to switch to a rotating mode and this is good for distributing the heat about the room evenly.

Comparison Shopping Provides an Obvious Answer

Always take the time to look closely at a large number of the best space heaters you can find, before choosing one particular model to purchase. Check out the features of a number of different units and models. Look up as much information as you can find. Pay careful attention to the energy ratings, customer reviews, and prices for each particular heater model that you are considering. Then compare them all side by side, and see which one becomes the clear winner in your book.

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