DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater Review

The 1,500 Watts powered Mica Panel Heater from the European company: Delonghi combines the positive effects of different heating technologies. Offers the classic convection heating provided by the oil-filled radiators and the low surface temperatures so it doesn’t get too hot for touching and won’t cause burn injuries and brings on other must have features important for every efficient heater like: thermostat and heating power regulator to turn the heating down to 750 Watts when no maximum power is needed.

Aside of the convection heating the micathermic panel emits radiant heat as well, this makes the electric heater unit suitable for spot heating and also won’t have to wait through the slow heat-up period like it used to be with oil radiators because this portable Delonghi heater features an “Instant On” functionality which helps the appliance to generate heat from the moment it is turned on.

While reviewing this item the first thing one can see that Delonghi did a good job on the design front, the electric heater looks stylish and slim. Fits well in tight spaces and possible to use it wall-mounted which personally I would not recommend because the best way to use a convection heater is to put it on the ground. As the cold air is heated up it floats upwards and pushing the cold, heavier air down just where the heater is.

On the safety front..

This portable heater is relatively safe. Contains a tip-over protection with an auto shut-off. This space heater is not only a convection heater but also a radiant heater which are considered more dangerous however in this case need no to worry, because the radiant heat is less powerful than the infrared- or gas-only heaters. Not powerful enough for the nearby objects to catch fire.


  • Lightweight and sleek design, fits anywhere.
  • Wall-mount option by removing the legs and a wall-mounting kit included.
  • Adjustable thermostat for efficient heating.
  • Safety features like thermal cut-off overheating protection and tip-over shut-off switch
  • Convenient handle for portability.

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