Electric Fan Heaters and Buying Guide

Most of the houses enjoy cold, so to get rid of it, we can use the electric fan heaters. This item is easily available and if you want to buy the fittings separately and fit it by yourself, then it will be the best option to be used for your house. Most of the people who want warm air in their rooms prefer to use this particular heating device. There are many reasons that led to the popularity of these devices. In this the strongest material is the price of the heater. In these heaters, you will find a fan present in it.

They are manufactured in such a way that they can be matched with all type of decors. One of the heaters named as the budget heating appliance can be purchased easily as they are reasonably priced. Although the price of the electric fan heaters is high, the demand for them increases rather than decreasing. The people consider them as a mode of investment. You should buy the one that contains the look that will enhance the beauty of the room. This heating device can be explained as one of the stylish items that look great when placed in the interior of the room.

There are many consumers who when going to purchase the electric fan heaters watches several things like their appearance, the level of comfort they give and the material by which they are made. So, we can say that this particular type of heating appliance is very useful. The most advantageous part of this heating device is the timing system installed in it. In today’s time it becomes too difficult to sustain the cold weather, so most of the houses will have at least one of them. The will get lot of variety in their products that differ in size, shape and strength.

Electric Heater buying guidelines:

We research the market for the most popular electric space heaters based on consumer buying trends, satisfaction surveys and reviews, helping you to find the best deal on prices powered by the search mechanism of Amazon.com. We aim to cover all the possible technologies which come into question when deciding for an electric heating solution for the home and office. Reviewing portable oil-filled radiators, electric ceramic heaters, infrared heaters and gas heaters as well.

The heating output

At first need to decide what kind of heating output do you need?

Will need to think in Watts for this one. Most electric heaters on the market has thermal output power of 1500 Watts – which counts as high amount in consumer electronic measurements, recommended not to use splitters or another plugs together with the heater in the electric outlet. A such power appliance can heat up even larger spaces. The average heat generated by a ceramic space heater with 1500 Watts is ~5000 BTUs. Gas heaters on the other hand have larger heating potential. A portable gas heater from the better ones can produce up to 15000 BTUs (like the Mr Heater “Big Buddy heater”) which is 3x the power of an average electric heater.

Safety precautions

Most modern heaters will also contain safety precautions against overheating and electrical discharge. Look for these safety features while reading electric space heater reviews and product descriptions.

The main safety hazard concerning the gas and kerosene burning heaters is the carbon monoxide production in air which happens in case the fuel is not burned properly in the heater. The enormous heating power has its downsides on the safety front. Ceramic and infrared heaters doesn’t perform too well on the safety front either. The exposed heating unit of such appliances can be a source of ugly burn wounds and fires. Definitely not recommended to use on unattended places like the garage is neither with children or pets in the room. Some infrared heater manufacturers like EdenPURE worked around the safety concerns by embedding the ceramic heating units in a fire-proof box which acts as a body of the electric appliance.

The safest kinds of portable heaters are the oil radiators. The only kinds of heating solution which I would recommend you in case there will be children or pets in the room. The oil radiator surface doesn’t get hot enough to cause burning wounds, unlike some poorly protected ceramic, coil or gas heaters can.

Also the oil in the radiators is sealed and never needs to be refilled or replaced. That is a fixation remaining from the old times and is only applying on the old school oil radiators. Not the modern ones. Oil-filled radiators, ceramic and infrared heaters (due to no moving parts) make absolutely no sound when operating.


Efficiency-wise the ceramic heaters share similarities with oil filled radiators as well. Both materials are designed to store heat for a longer periods of time and cool down slowly. If the electric heater is equipped with thermostat then it doesn’t have to run all the time and in case it starts losing temperature a small burst of energy is able to put the space heater back in operating temperature for a while.

If you are still considering buying a coil heater, make sure to choose a model with metal coils inside, where the electric current flowing through is heating up the spiral. However I’d not recommend it to you, because even if the coils are usually behind some kind of a protecting cage, it is still very fire-prone.

Final Words:

Electric space heaters make it possible for you to have heat anywhere you are, as long as you have electricity. No need to be cold when you can buy an electric space heater, and toast your toes over it’s cozy warm glow.

They can even be more cost effective for you, by only heating the areas you need to heat, instead of running the furnace and heating the whole house. Electric space heaters are quiet too, even if running a fan. Most electric heaters are equipped with many features. Some of the most popular features you can get on an electric heater are, built-in tip-over mechanism, a thermal cut-off to avoid overheating, special cool-touch housing, multiple heat settings, ultra quiet, compact, portable, remote control, Electric space heaters allow you to make your space comfortable no matter how cold it is outside.

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