Electric Garage Heaters – Buying Gudie and Reviews 2021

As winter approaches and unheated spaces like garages get colder, interest in purchasing devices like electric garage heaters rises. Particularly if you use your garage for activities other than simply storage and for parking your vehicle. Without appropriate heat in your garage, it can be an uncomfortable place to visit during the coming cold winter months. But what do you need to know before purchasing electric garage heaters? Here is some basic information to help you make an appropriate selection for your garage:

  • Electricity is a very safe, economical and effective way to heat spaces such as garages. With propane heaters you will need to worry about venting them properly, while with natural gas heaters the price tends to fluctuate a lot and you may end up paying a lot more to heat your garage than you first anticipated. Electric garage heaters convert heat to electricity at an astounding 100% rate, while propane heaters only convert 80% of the propane fuel into heat (the remaining twenty percent is lost). You will also not be required to repeated refill propane or natural gas tanks, saving additional time and expense. For all these reasons, it is unsurprising that electric garage heaters are the most popular way to heat garages.
  • If you purchase an electric garage heater, you will find that there are a variety of models that can be mounted in different ways in your garage. Manufacturers can either permanently install an electric garage heater in a location or you can purchase a portable electric garage heater that can be moved about the garage as needed. Many people prefer the heaters to be professionally installed onto the roof of their garage so that they remain out of the way and can effectively distribute heat throughout the garage. If possible, you should try locating electric garage heaters in the coldest section of your garage for them to be the most effective.
  • When shopping for an electric garage heater, you should know the approximate space you need to heat. Purchase the electric garage heating model with the specifications that is closest to that space or BTU measurement. It is not necessarily a good idea to buy a more powerful electric garage heater than needed, as you will likely just end up spending more than you need to on electricity.
  • Electric garage heaters operate using a fan to blow heat throughout your garage. Depending on the manufacturer, some models can be noisier than others. If you are concerned about the noise level of the fan, you should shop specifically for an electric garage heater that is manufactured to be as quiet as possible.

Some of the most popular and well reviewed electric garage heaters include:

1) NewAir Electric Garage Heater With Built-In Thermostat

If the space you are looking to heat is under 500 square feet, the NewAir G73 electric garage heater may be the best electric garage heater selection for you. This unit is quite affordable, but also powerful and has excellent customer reviews backing it up.

Some of its great features include a thermal cutout that automatically shuts down the unit if it starts to overheat, adjustable louvers that will allow you to direct the warm are to where it’s needed most, and built-in single pole thermostat that provides easy and accurate temperature control.

At only twenty pounds, the unit is easily mounted onto the ceiling and wall-mount swivel bracket that is included with the unit. Product dimension are 12.5 x 14 x 11.2 inches, 240 volts.

2) QMark Electric Garage Heater

This electric garage heater designed by QMark is perfect for slightly smaller spaces and is one of the cheapest quality electric garage heaters you can currently purchase. The BRH482 unit heats up to 480 square feet, has a nice red finish to it, and is very durable in design. The Q-Mark electric garage heater also features a built in thermostat plus built in cord storage.

One advantage of this unit is its portability. The lightweight design means you can easily move it between locations as needed. Other great features include a built in thermostat and various safety features to prevent the unit from overheating – including a high temperature limit.

Product dimensions are 11 x 10.5 x 9.8 inches and the unit weighs just 17 pounds.

3) Farhenheat Automatic 5000 Watt Electric Garage Heater

For those who need an electric garage heater suitable for larger spaces, the Farenheat 5000 watt electric garage heater is the best answer.

Known for a wide range of heating products, this Farenheat heater puts out over 17,065 BTU and hour, but at a very reasonable price for a unit this powerful.

The unit easily mounts on the ceiling of your garage and also comes with an automatic thermostat. Other great design features include a delayed heat start up so that the fan will not blow cold area before the hot air is ready and a plated fin heating element that provides uniform heated air discharge throughout the room.

Product dimensions are 14 1/2 x 11 1/4 x 12 1/2 and the unit weighs 27 pounds. You can currently purchase it at a substantial discount at Amazon.com.

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