Uses and Benefits of Electric Space Heaters

Space heating using electric space heaters is an excellent method of getting adequate and cost effective heating. Space heating, contrary to central heating offers heating for the actual limited space, protecting the energy and therefore lowering your utility bill. Space heaters excellent for offices or residences with small square footage.

Electric heaters (indeed almost all space heating units) are substantially separated into two types, radioactive heating units and convective heaters.

There are several advantages to using each type of electric space heater.


These kinds of electric space heaters and are famous for their direct heating method. They are instantaneous heat generators. They use infrared emitters. The heat generated is concentrated in a certain direction through reflectors.

Convective electric space heaters

Convectional heating systems involve heating the space by gradually heating the air in the room. This hot air when distributed in the room, ends up increasing the room temperature. These heaters do not provide instant heating. There are various kinds of convectional heaters.

Compared to convectional space heat tank, radiant heating elements are more power efficient as they immediately heat the objects, rather than heating the environment.


Due to the concentrated heating system, not much temperature is wasted when you use electric space heaters. Unlike the gasoline or kerosene based conventional heaters, they don’t carry likelihood of potentially starting a fire. Electric space heaters are incredibly simple to use. They may be easy to keep and most importantly are usually clean because they don’t include burning of the coal or perhaps wood. Electric space heaters are usually portable and are easy to install and operate.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Selecting the Best Electric Space Heaters — Fan or no Fan?

Choosing the best electric space heater can be a daunting experience. There are so many different heating appliances on the market today, and consumers are inundated with various features such as fans and thermostats, and new heating features come out every year. Constantly, consumers are bombarded with advertisements that talk of quartz heaters, radiant heaters, oil filled heaters, compact heaters and heavy duty heaters. With so much information abound, your head may be spinning when you actually get to the store. However, if you ask yourself these questions, you can easily choose the best electric space heaters.

Fan or no fan?

The electric space heater with a fan will circulate hot air around the room faster than a heater without a fan. Some fans even have a pivoting feature. This feature allows the circulation to occur faster. However, there is one downside to heaters that come with fans. Oftentimes these electric appliances are noisy. Sometimes, the fans can cause drafts in a room. If you are considering buying an electric space heater with a fan, check to see if the heater is quiet.

Do you need a thermostat?

Many of today’s heaters typically come with thermostats. However, just in case you run across a heater that does not have a thermostat you need to decide how important it is for you to have one. No thermostat means you won’t be able to control the specific temperature of the heater.

What kind of safety features do you need?

Have kids? You may want to consider a heater that has tip-over protection. Some heaters even say they will shut off automatically if a blanket is thrown over them.

What are other people saying?

The best electric space heaters have vibrant reviews from past customers. Take all the reviews into consideration. Try to relate your own situation to those of previous customers and think about what you really want.

After asking yourself these questions you will have a much better time choosing the best electric space heater.

Dimplex Electric Fires Keep Your Home Heated For the Long Haul

Dimplex Electric Fires are known for their real-to-life fire place look. Made with sturdy materials, Dimplex lives up to it’s reputation of being a well made product with a number of options available for the consumer. There are Dimplex compact electric stoves, Dimplex electric fireplaces and even Dimplex traditional electric woodstoves.

The Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert is No Exception

At an affordable prices, this item is a top seller on Amazon. With a whopping 1500 watts of heating power this insert has patented flame technology that gives of this incredible and very realistic flame effect. Install the unit effortlessly into an existing masonry or steel fireplace opening. If you want to buy this Dimplex fireplace insert you can get it cheapest on Amazon through this link.

Just check out these features:

  • It comes with a remote control so you can work the fireplace right from where you are sitting.
  • Plugs into an outlet so it’s easy to start right up.
  • The fan-forced heater is built in, and it evenly distributes heat quietly and very comfortably.
  • Several options are available for this heating unit, including full heat, half heat, or flame only so you can enjoy the heater all year around.

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