Vented Gas Heaters

Vented Gas Heaters – How do they work?

Vented gas heaters are the perfect solution for anyone looking to buy an efficient gas heating system for their home or apartment. They operate by drawing clean and fresh air from the outside of the house into the heater. There the air is used to burn natural gas or propane gas resulting in the direct release of heat into the house or room.

Most of the vented gas heaters are installed permanently into the wall of your house. They are connected to the outside of the house via a so-called flued pipe. A flue or vent is a simple pipeline that pushes harmful gases and byproducts of the gas burning to the outdoors. This ensures that harmful fumes like carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide can be released safely into the atmosphere without any problems. This guarantees an efficient and emission-free living area. So you don’t have to worry about harmful fumes circulating in your house.

Things you should consider before byung a vented heater:

  1. The vented gas heaters should be installed by a professional gas company or a licensed gas worker.
  2. The flue or vent needs to be checked regularly (at least once every 5-6 weeks), because blockages of the flue can result in many problems.
  3. Make sure that you choose a good position for the heater, as it is a fixed and longtime installation. Basically it can go anywhere, as long as it is connected to the flue and has access to a gas connection.

Vented Gas Heaters – The Pros

The vented gas heaters are the most rational choice for providing a safe and emission-free heat for your house. All the harmful byproduct produced as a result of the combustion process are efficiently released into the atmosphere via flued pipelines. There you don’t have to worry about indoor air pollution.

They also release the water vapor that is produced, therefore reducing the amount of condensation and humidity in the room. Furthermore they are economically rational and capable of heating a big house in a very time efficient manner.

Vented Gas Heaters – The Cons

The big disadvantage of vented gas heaters is that in the process of releasing poisonous gases to the atmosphere they release a lot of direct heat as well. So they are not as efficient as the ventless gas heaters.

Another point is the price. The flued models are quite expensive compared to unflued models.

Vented gas heaters – The conclusion

Vented gas heaters are extremely safe to use, as  long as the vent is installed correctly and operates efficiently in releasing the harmful byproducts of the combustion process to the atmosphere. You get clean and instant heat and you won’t have to deal with issues of humidity, dampness or indoor air pollution. Most of the vented gas heaters are used as a central heating system for your house and are able to provide heat to all the rooms in your home. Before buying a ventless gas heater you should figure out the detail, i.e. where to put the heater and if there is an access to a gas connection, how much it should cost, etc. If you have the details down it’s time to take some action and hire a professional gas worker to implement the work! Have Fun!

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