What is Small Space Heater?

A space heater is a type of household appliance which is built to raise temperature of a certain area inside a house. This appliance is used if there is no centralized heating mechanism available and some areas of the house need additional temperature levels.

Yet, even when a main heating system is already installed, a space heater may also be used to augment the main one’s capacity, or to include places inside which are not easily reached by the main system. Typically, a space heater has to be small, yet also powerful enough to serve its purpose.

The label “small space heater” describes the physical dimensions of the unit and at the same time tells the function of the appliance; the label is used to convey that this appliance is both a heater which is relatively small in size and a heater of a small space indoors. Size of this type of heater must be small enough for various reasons – for ease of use and to directly contain heat emission within a limited area inside the house.

A small space heater may also be able to add heat to a larger area, yet with less satisfying results than when it is used to heat according to its capacity. Further, a small space heater weighs less so it takes very little effort to carry around, making this appliance also highly mobile or portable. Most models of small space heaters keep design or shape simple to be less attractive to pets and children, and for easy storage.

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